General Work

Applications for permanent residency in South Africa are considered in terms of Section 26 (Direct Residency Permits) and Section 27 (Residency-on-Other-Grounds Permits) of the Immigration Act 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), and read with Regulation 33 of the Immigration Regulations.

General Work

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A general work visa allows a foreign national to work and reside in South Africa, subject to certain fairly strict conditions, namely:

  • You may only work for a specific employer, and in a designated position or area. Should you wish to change companies or your field of work whilst on this visa, there are several steps required to do so (with no guarantee of success)
  • The visa requires the applicant to prove that the position cannot practically be filled by a South African citizen or permanent resident due to lack of qualifications and/or demand. In order to comply with this requirement various steps must be taken such as:
    • advertising the position in a national news paper,
    • interviewing of South African citizens or permanent residents,
    • securing an offer of employment from the employer in question, and
    • securing a Department of Labour certificate stipulating that certain requirements have been met.

A general work visa can be issued for up a period of up to 5 years depending on the offer of employment and motivational documents submitted with the application.

Please note: the general work visa can be far more onerous than other work visas in light of the requirement to secure a certificate from the Department of Labour and current time delays in this regard. We would suggest that you consult with us before undertaking this process to determine if you qualify under one of the other work visas.

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Frequently asked questions:

In the case of foreign countries that do not issue unabridged birth certificates, a letter to this effect issued by the competent authority of the foreign country should be produced.

All documents should be originals or certified copies thereof.

Police Clearances:

Police clearances are required for all long stay visa types (ie any stay in South Africa longer than 3 months).

Contact us for advice on which police clearances you will need to secure and how to go about getting the certificate.