When can I make my application to renew my visa?

Application should be made 60 days before the expiry date of your visa. In practice you may submit your application right up until the last day of your visa.

Can I submit my work visa application in South Africa?

Holders of 90 day visa’s and visitors visa’s cannot change status of their visas to a work visa from within South Africa. If you hold another visa type, or if you are the spouse or child of a South African citizen or permanent residency you may apply from within South Africa.

Should I secure my South African police clearance when submitting in South Africa?

You do not need to secure your South African police clearance when submitting an application in South Africa as this is done at your visa submission. Unless you are renewing or extending your visa you will need to apply for all other relevant police clearances.

How long will it take to process my visa once submitted?

Embassies take around 4 to 8 weeks for adjudication. When submitting in SA, Critical Skills Visa can take 4 weeks or less, Business and General Work Visas 8 weeks or less and other visa types 60 working days.

Can I renew my Intra Company Transfer Visa from within South Africa?

You can only renew you visa from within South Africa if you were not originally granted the full 4 year visa. If this is the case you can renew for the remaining period.

What counts as proof of shared financial responsibilities and support?

To prove your relationship one can submit several documents including proof of shared bank accounts, joint policies, joint medical aid, joint accounts or invoices, Wills, shared lease agreements, joint title deeds and transfer of funds between accounts.